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Information for current honors students

By leaning into curiosity, deep learning, and interdisciplinarity, our students find connections across fields of study and create innovative approaches to their work. The hope? That they inspire more creativity and innovation while at KU and after.


Whether you seek leadership positions, aspire to recognition through scholarships and fellowships, or hope to fund future plans with awards, the University Honors Program can connect you to essential resources.

Program requirements

Students must fulfill the following four requirements to graduate with university honors:

  • A one-hour honors first-year seminar course (HNRS 177, HNRS 190, or HNRS 195). 
  • At least 18 credit hours in a minimum of six honors courses. (Courses offered by the honors program, designated by an academic department as an honors course, or created through a course contract with instructor approval qualify, as do graduate courses at the 700 level or higher and two semesters maximum of a less commonly taught language.)
  • Four Enhanced Learning Experiences (ELEs) selected from eight options and submitted successfully.
  • A cumulative KU GPA of 3.25 or higher and demonstrated progress toward University Honors Program graduation requirements.

Requests for special consideration

The University Honors Program maintains an Academic Concerns Committee tasked with evaluating and approving or denying exceptional academic petitions from honors students related to fulfillment of University Honors Program requirements. Students may submit a petition to that committee using this form.

Meeting with your support team

To discuss program progress, students should meet with their honors advisor at least once a semester. And for students seeking guidance regarding the program's Enhanced Learning Experience (ELE) requirement, the honors student experience team holds office hours weekly.

Steps to graduate

  1. Check your Degree Progress Report (DPR). The “Honors Requirements for Completion” section under the UCRT tab on your DPR should show as complete with a green “In Good Standing” circle. (Or you should have a plan for finishing your final requirements.) If a course or experience is missing, immediately email Mauricio Gómez Montoya at
  2. Submit your Application for Graduation (AFG). After confirming completion of program requirements on your DPR, you will need to complete the same AFG process required by your major for the University Honors Program. For May graduates who wish to appear in the Commencement program, this step must be completed prior to March 1.
  3. Complete and submit the Honors Graduation Form. May graduates should do so by March 1, December graduates by Nov. 1, and summer graduates by July 15.
  4. Review the university's Commencement website. The site’s information will prepare you and those attending your graduation events for a successful celebration.