Whether at our Nunemaker Center home, on campus, or in the community, honors students meet up to support each other’s efforts, share insights, and navigate the program together.
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Common Cause

A year-long initiative within the University Honors Program, Common Cause seeks to engage students, faculty, and staff in an urgent, social justice-related issue through research, conversation, and community engagement.

The centerpiece of this thriving, interdisciplinary program is a January symposium that provides prismatic looks at a pressing central theme. Our community then unites for several volunteer activities, each in cooperation with a campus or community partner, that connects with that theme. 

To help KU fulfill its commitments as a United Nations Academic Impact member institution, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals serve as the source of themes for Common Cause; past themes include:

  • racial justice;
  • the climate crisis;
  • the intersection of environment and health;
  • and human rights.

In exploring these themes, Common Cause participants strengthen their cultural literacy, connect across disciplines, and apply their lessons to public service.

Read this news feature to learn more about the creation and development of Common Cause.

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Academic programming

Planning Your Honors Path

During this conference-style event held every September, campus resources and current students share their knowledge and experience related to Enhanced Learning Experiences with first-year students.

Completing Your Honors Path

At this fall event, final-year honors students review the program's requirements, consider the possibilities that await after graduation, and connect with their support team of staff, mentors, and alumni.

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Community programming

Living in Color

The mission of Living in Color is to provide a welcoming, connected community for students, staff members, and faculty members of color in the honors program to center their stories, receive support, and learn about resources. 

Take Care Tuesday

The digital digests, virtual events, and in-person activities of Take Care Tuesday explore important topics related to health and wellbeing, like nutrition, sleep habits, relationships, and mindfulness.