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Featured Courses

Honors courses are offered in dozens of departments across campus.  For current offerings, visit with an Honors advisor or search for Honors courses here: https://classes.ku.edu (select 'Options' and filter by 'Only honors courses').  To review a list of Fall 2022 Honors courses that meet KU Core goals ahead of your appointment, please click the button below.


In addition, listed below are a few courses offered directly by Honors on a regular basis:

HNRS 370. Personal Writing Seminar

This seminar helps students develop their personal writing abilities. Students analyze language and rhetorical choices in the genre of the personal essay. Students demonstrate rhetorical flexibility within the genre, considering audience, purpose, and application of the material. Requires permission of the University Honors Program.

HNRS 380. Critical Thinking and Advocacy Seminar (Spring Semester)

The focus of this class is on honing the two basic skills of critical thinking and advocacy. In this seminar, students develop a basic system for critical analysis that can be applied generally; test that critical analysis system in a series of practicums to develop the skills necessary to apply it; and develop a basic system for designing effective and ethical persuasive messages. Requires permission of the University Honors Program.

HNRS 492. Health and Health Care: The American Model from Origins to the Present (Fall Semester)

This course is intended to be an interdisciplinary analysis of both the historical origins and present currents within American Health and Health Care. This is an integrated study of historical, political, economic, and professional influences which underlie the character and nature of our current system. The course is modeled as a seminar and intended for potential health care professionals and others interested in the health care system and its effects on American society.

HNRS 492. Exploring the American Legal System (Fall Semester)

In the United States, our courts play a unique role in resolving private and political disputes. In this tutorial, students will learn about the U.S. legal system and the role lawyers play in that system. Students will spend the first portion of the term learning the basic elements of legal reasoning and argumentation in a law-school, Socratic-method environment. During the remainder of the term, students will brief and orally argue several cases. Topics will range from constitutional law to legislation to the common law, providing the students with an introduction to the breadth of our legal system. Students not arguing in any given week will serve as judges of the court, asking questions of “counsel” and rendering judgments of the court. Readings will be almost entirely case-law based and delivered to students electronically after the first day of class.

HNRS 492. Citizen Philanthropy (Fall Semester)

This course is an introduction to non-profits and community-based organizations specifically as it relates to the students’ interests in engaging in community service or philanthropic work. Examination of the stated values and vision of such organizations will provide a context to examine the structure of those organizations as they seek to implement their mission. On an individual level, there will be an opportunity to reflect on one’s own values and aspirations as a foundation for engaging in service learning, internships, or consideration of careers in public service.


KU Today
Course offerings are “among the most comprehensive in the nation,” according to “A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs”
98% of University Honors Program graduates are employed or accepted to graduate school within six months of graduation
40% of students in the University Honors Program conduct research before graduation
9 to 1: Average ratio of KU honors students to faculty advisors
1 of only 7 programs nationwide to receive a top rating from “A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs” in 2014
60% of University Honors Program students study abroad
KU honors students select their advisors from top-ranked KU faculty