Honors Seminar Instructors

Honors seminar instructors support students by teaching a one-credit seminar on a topic connected to the instructor’s discipline and research interests. 


Honors seminars meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Creative integration: Students will practice connecting, synthesizing, and evaluating information from different sources.
  • Application and communication of knowledge: Students will practice strategies for applying and communicating what they learn.

Seminar instructors also serve as the honors faculty mentor for students in their section. Honors faculty mentors help students to feel welcome at KU and support the development of their academic interests during their time at KU. This activity includes:

  • Fostering connections to undergraduate research, service learning, internships, and global opportunities.
  • Offering support for major or career exploration.
  • Connecting students to scholarship and fellowship opportunities.
  • Serving as a resource as they apply to graduate school, professional school, or enter the job market.


Topics that address issues in contemporary society or provide opportunities for interdisciplinary inquiry are particularly well-received by students.  Please review current seminar offerings for examples.

Instructors can teach a 50-minute class once per week for the full semester or a 75-minute class, once per week for 10 weeks. When determining a teaching time, instructors should refer to the Standard Meeting Times schedule set by the Registrar's Office to ensure that each teaching time can accommodate as many students as possible. Note: Tuesday and Thursday mornings are very busy for students with labs.

To propose a seminar, complete this form.


Instructors are paid a $2,100 overload payment for teaching a seminar. Payments will appear in the paycheck at the end of December for seminars taught in fall, or at the end of May for seminars taught in spring.

Questions? Please contact Sarah Crawford-Parker, Director of the University Honors Program.

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