Advising & Enrollment


We’re excited to work with you to launch your KU education. Please note the following important information about advising and pre-enrollment.


Honors advising is about more than just picking classes. A University Honors advisor is a vital resource and sounding board for students throughout their academic careers, from choosing a major to finding research opportunities to preparing for life after college. We look forward to working with you.


Reminder: your specific Honors advising appointment will come to you via an email invitation in the month of May. Keep your eyes peeled!


How to Prepare for Orientation Advising: 3 Steps

  • Make sure KU has all of your latest academic records — including any previous college transcripts, concurrent enrollment transcripts, summer coursework, and exam scores. If you have decided to attend and committed to KU for the Fall Semester, you should have access to the myKU portal and should have received instructions to log-in and view your file (located in the tab labeled “My Progress”).  Ensuring that all materials have been received will make orientation and course enrollment easier.
  • Consider taking placement exams to earn credit for high school work. Your ACT/SAT scores and Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate credits determine your placement—or, you can take placement tests through KU ahead of your orientation! Find more information on the math placement test and the foreign language placement test, and reach out to the Center for Orientation and Transition Programs office with questions.
  • Review your Honors Seminar options. All Honors students enroll in an Honors Seminar their first semester. Click here to review Fall 2021 options for your introductory Honors Seminar (190). Show up to your orientation appointment with a few favorites in mind, and we’ll help you choose.

Who You'll Work With at Orientation

The KU Honors advising team is here to help you make informed, confident decisions. Depending on your academic plans, here’s who you’ll work with:

  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students and exploratory pathway students: You’ll select classes directly with your Honors advisor.
  • Students already admitted to a professional school: You will work with both your professional school advisor and your Honors advisor to finalize your schedule. 

All students will have access to Honors advisors throughout the summer should they have questions or want to modify their academic plans.

How Honors Courses Work

Students in Honors take a combination of Honors and non-Honors courses throughout their time at KU. Honors courses are small (typically enrolling 15-20 students per section) engaging, and discussion-based. This allows our students to form meaningful academic relationships with their peers and top KU faculty. 

Not all of your courses in your first semester need to be taken for Honors credit. You’ll work with your Honors Advisor to select which sections to take for Honors credit. To review a list of Honors courses that meet KU Core goals ahead of your appointment, click the button below. You’ll discuss your schedule in greater detail during orientation with your advisor. Also, please note that in addition to Honors Core Courses, many majors also offer Honors courses.


Additionally, the following types of courses count toward the course requirement for Honors completion:
  • Up to two semesters of a less-commonly taught language (any language other than French, German, or Spanish)
  • A regular KU course completed under an Honors contract
  • Graduate-level KU courses

How Pre-Enrollment Works

To maximize the value of in-person advising, and to ensure each student enrolls in the correct courses for their respective field of study, the University Honors Program pre-enrolls students pursuing either: 1) a degree in biological sciences or 2) the goal of attending medical school, in both college-level biology and chemistry courses for their introductory semester at the University of Kansas.  

Each biology and/or pre-medical student, admitted to the University Honors Program AND signed up for Orientation, will be placed in the level of biology and chemistry that both most closely satisfies the requirements of their degree and complements previously-declared coursework. 
We have worked closely with the Departments of Biology and Chemistry to make the best placements possible using information available to us at this time, including ACT/SAT scores, A.P. credits, and transfer credits.  If you have additional transfer credits, A.P. scores, changes to major/concentration plans or any other credits to report, please do so as soon as possible.  Students will be pre-enrolled based on the information currently available in the student’s academic record.  Students will have the opportunity to change their pre-enrolled schedule at Orientation, if necessary, with assistance from Advisors.


For students planning a career in medicine (with a declared pre-medicine concentration), you will be pre-enrolled in BIOL 150 and will be placed in lab sections exclusive to University Honors students. BIOL 150 is the course best designed to address the needs of pre-medical students.  For students planning a career in the biological sciences and research (not medicine), you will also be pre-enrolled in BIOL 150 and lab sections designated for Honors students. 
For a select number of advanced students with a declared biology major, rigorous academic preparation and advanced biology experience/interest, you may be invited to enroll in BIOL 151 (Honors Biology) which focuses on higher-level exploration of biological principles and more advanced research participation.  For those invited, an invitation email will be sent to the student by May 28, 2021.


For students planning a career in both biological sciences and pre-medicine, you will also be pre-enrolled in a section of chemistry (co-requisite for biology) that best fits your skills and academic requirements.  Most students will be pre-enrolled in CHEM 130 (General Chemistry) which is required for any student pursuing either a degree in the biological sciences or admission to medical school. 
For those students with advanced chemistry or research experience, IB or AP Chemistry completion within the last year, and a score of 30 or higher on your MATH ACT, you may be invited to enroll in CHEM 190 (Honors General Chemistry) and CHEM 191 (Honors General Chemistry Lab).  This course is designed for students with advanced chemistry and mathematics skill.  For those invited, an invitation email will be sent to the student by May 28, 2021.  

Our advisors will work with you closely at Orientation to ensure you are in the right courses for the degree that you seek. If you applied without test scores this year, your advisor will work with you to determine placement.