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Honors Facts

Average ACT composite for students accepted to the program for 2011: 32.4

Average unweighted GPA for our incoming freshmen: 3.95

20% of our continuing students are pursuing doctoral degrees

In 2010, 94% of top students found that the University Honors Program enhanced their college experience

82% of Honors students continuing their education will receive financial support from their institution to do so

63% of our Honors students will graduate with absolutely no student debt

The University Honors Program enrolled 33 new National Hispanic, National Achievement, and National Merit Scholars in 2011

In 2011, the University Honors Program welcomed 7 additional students with perfect ACT and/or SAT scores

University Honors Program graduation rate, for the most recent year available: 93.6%

In 2010, the post-graduation placement rate for University Honors Program students was 98%