What kind of a difference can the University Honors Program make for you?

The University Honors Program is the #2 ranked academic program of its kind in the United States.[1]  Honors students at the University of Kansas receive unparalleled individual advising, with each student choosing their own advisor from amongst the best faculty and honors staff members across the university.

This unique attention, and the flexibility of our program, allows our students to study abroad, undertake graduate-level research, and work within their professional field far more, and far earlier, than their peers.  Over 60% of our students study abroad; our top students win top research scholarships at an unsurpassed rate; our students get involved on-campus and in the community.

The University Honors Program truly offers its students an Ivy League education, and far more individual attention, to pursue their unique goals, than anywhere else.

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[1] Willingham, John.  2012.  A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs



A successful University Honors student takes advantage of the many transformational opportunities provided by the program. Small honors classes taught by KU's best faculty engage the student's intellectual curiosity; first-year learning communities and freshman seminars acquaint the student with research and campus resources; and experiential learning through study abroad, service learning, internships and research add breadth and depth to the honors experience.

Awards and scholarships help provide students with financial resources to pursue these transformational opportunities. Personalized advising and mentoring are hallmarks of the Honors Program.  There are also many opportunities for student involvement with the Honors Program such as our Honors Ambassador and Peer-Mentor Programs.Please take advantage of these great resources to help you maximize your KU Honors experience.


In May 2012 180 new graduates joined the distinguished ranks for the alumni of the University Honors Program. These new alumni headed off on new adventures, as have our graduates in the past. Several will join the Peace Corp, Americorp or Teach for America while others will being diverse Ph.D. programs such as biomedical engineering at Duke, clinical psychology at UCLA, and molecular cell biology at Harvard. While the majority will stay in the United States, a large number of our graduates will travel the world, study or work in places such as Peru, West Africa, Spain and Italy.

We are so proud of all our recent alumni and the hundreds of other former students who have gone off to do great things and we love hearing about your current adventures. We at the University Honors Program are very committed to staying connected with our alumni as we value your ideas, input and contributions of all types.

The University Honors Program Advisory Board is a very important part of that connection. Our current Board Chairman, Lumen Mulligan (C'95), who lives in Lawrence and teaches at KU Law School, provides outstanding leadership for the Board which is comprised of Honors Program alumni, faculty and students. The Board has been instrumental both in guiding program development and in raising much needed funds for our students and programs.

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32: average ACT score, 2012
3.95: average unweighted GPA, 2012
94 percent of KU honors students say the program enhanced their college experience
82 percent of KU honors students who pursue advanced degrees receive financial support from their institution
63 percent of KU honors students graduate without student debt
94 percent: graduation rate
6 students with perfect ACT/SAT scores joined the program in 2012
About 60 percent of University Honors Program students study abroad
20 percent of honors graduates pursuing advanced degrees are completing doctorates
More than 150 honors courses taught annually
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities
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