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The University Honors Program provides enriched educational opportunities to academically talented, promising, and motivated undergraduate students at KU.

Honors alumna Anne Wallen joins Honors Program staff

Anne Wallen speaks several languages, so she knows many different ways to describe her joy at the opportunity to come work for the University Honors Program.

This is how she chooses to explain it: "I felt like the skies opened when I saw the job posted here at KU."

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Meet Hannah Sitz

While most KU students were off enjoying their summer break, Hannah Sitz, a KU Honors Program junior from Andover, was working at a demanding, full-time, 10-week internship in Kansas City.

The Coro Kansas City Summer Internship in Public Affairs is conducted in conjunction with Park University, and its purpose is to develop community leaders by exposing them to five sectors: business, government, labor, media and non-profit organizations.

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Maryemma Graham helps Honors Program "distinguish" itself

English professor Maryemma Graham first became involved with the University Honors Program as a "talent scout" of sorts, identifying students who might benefit from the program's services.

"Inevitably, when I would encourage students to try the Honors Program, they would say, 'This is what I needed,'" says the newly minted University Distinguished Professor.

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Dr. Alicia Arbaje returns for alumni lecture

Being a medical doctor requires disciplinary focus and a targeted scientific approach. But Dr. Alicia Arbaje says it also requires a broad understanding of people and science's effects on them.

Dr. Arbaje, M.D. and master of public health from Yale Medical School and a University Honors Program alumna, is assistant professor of medicine and associate director of transitional care research in the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is returning to the Honors Program on Saturday, Oct. 27 to present an alumni lecture.

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