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University of Kansas Honors Program

November 2012

University Honors Program
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University of Kansas

The University Honors Program provides enriched educational opportunities to academically talented, promising, and motivated undergraduate students at KU.

One hundred for one hundred
Honors students rely on private gifts to fund their transformative opportunities. All the students featured here have been able to have such experiences. The University Honors Program has set a goal of raising $100,000 to provide 100 more students with stipends to do something extraordinary.

Please consider giving online at We will continue to share their stories so you can see how your contribution benefits our talented Honors students.

Honors students of today and tomorrow thank you for your support.

From the Director
All of these students received financial support from the Honors Program with gifts from alumni, friends and the university. We want to be able to expand the opportunities our students have to do exciting work and I need your help to do that: Thus the 100 for 100 headline.

Kelsey Murrell

Rhodes Scholar, Rudkin Undergraduate Scholarship for International Interdisciplinary Research Experiences

Now: Studying at Oxford University
As a KU Honors student: Studied abroad three times- Costa Rica, Peru and London; attended the MultiEthnic LIterature of the United States conference

“Without the Honors Program, I don’t think I would have even qualified for an experience like this [Rhodes Scholarship], let alone gotten it. The Honors Program really provides a closer-knit intellectual community of people who demand more from you, expect more from you and push you.”

Julia Barnard

Development Grant, Rhodes Scholarship finalist

Now: Works for Hillel, University of Texas
As a KU Honors student: Worked in Cambridge, Mass., with National Book Award winner and author, Jonathan Kozol

“A lot of my friends told me the Honors Program makes KU feel smaller, and I’ve found that’s true. The other students are so cool, and not just in an academic way – they’re your support for everything. I’m in class with people who are just as interested as I am.”

Greg Loving

J. Michael Young Opportunity Fund

Now: Works for Exxon Mobil, will attend Harvard Business School
As a KU Honors student: Attended energy summit at M.I.T., started KU Energy Club, traveled to Guatemala to install water filters in homes

“At a lot of small liberal arts schools, I wouldn’t be able to do engineering—and I definitely wouldn’t be able to do a double major. The Honors Program allowed me to do that, and [engineering professor and Honors alumnus] Bryan Young set it up for me.”

Sida Niu

Honors Opportunity Fund

Now: Senior, majoring in chemical engineering and pre-med; early admission to medical school at KU Med

As a KU Honors student: did an internship with the Kansas Health Institute, comparatively researched world health systems

“All of my gen ed classes were filled with Honors students. It was nice to be surrounded by motivated peers and learn what others are doing, so I can apply it to my own learning experience. It helped me to motivate myself to do better and strive for higher things.”


The University of Kansas Honors Program, Nunemaker Center, 1506 Engel Road, Lawrence, KS 66045