Philip Baringer

Faculty Fellow, University Honors Program
Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Primary office:
Nunemaker Center


Professional Background:

Professor, University of Kansas (1999-present)
Visiting Associate Professor, Univ. of Michigan (1994-1995)
Associate Professor, University of Kansas (1993-1999)
Assistant Professor, Univ. of Kansas (1988-1993)
Research Associate, Purdue University, (1985-1988)
Research Associate, Indiana University, (1985)


Ph.D. in Physics, Indiana University, (1985)
M.S. in Physics, Indiana University, (1981)
B.S. in Physics, Indiana University, (1979)

Honors and Awards:

2003 Steeples Award for Service to Kansans
2003 - 2004 Kemper Award for Teachng Excellence
1997 Department Undergraduate Teaching Award
2000-2001 CTE Excellence in Teaching Award, chosen by the Graduate students in Physics & Astronomy

Research Interests:

Department of Physics and Astronomy homepage is here.

My research interest is in experimental particle physics (also known as high energy physics). I am a member of the CMS collaboration, which is an international group that is operating at experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. I have been studying ways in which the top quark is produced for some time, starting with earlier work I did with the D0 collaboration at Fermilab. Now that the Higgs boson has been found, I am looking at ways in which the Higgs particle interacts with the top quark.

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