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KU Chapter Faculty Members

Jane V. Aldrich Professor Medical Chemistry
Danny Anderson Dean College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Margaret J.Arnold Associate Professor English
Ronald A. Ash Area Director/Professor Business
C. Daniel Batson Professor Psychology
Burke B. Beeler Senior Development Director Business
Stuart R. Bell Professor Mechanical Engineering
Alan Black Professor Architecture & Urban Design
Claudia J. Bode Post Doctoral Researcher Pharmaceutical Chemistry
 Ronald T. Borchardt Professor Pharmaceutical Chemical
 Ann Brill Dean Journalism Administration
 Elizabeth Campbell Lecturer English
 Edward R. Canda Professor Social Welfare
Diana Carlin Professor Communication Studies
Michele Marie Casavant Academic Advisor Education Administration
 David C. Cateforis Associate Professor Art History
 Robert D. Collins Adjunct Assistant Professor  Natural History Museum/Entomology
William J. Comer Associate Professor Slavic Languages & Literatures
 Shannon R. Criss Associate Professor Architecture
 Lea Hill Currie Library Instruction Coordinator Libraries
 Gregory T. Cushman Assistant Professor History
 David Darwin Distinguished Professor Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
 Michael J. Davis Professor Law
 Charles J. Decedue  Executive Director Higuchi Biosciences
Richard T. DeGeorge Distinguish Professor Philosophy
Arienne Dwyer Associate Professor Anthropology
Susan Egan Chair/Professor Molecular Biosciences
Daniel L. Flynn Adjunct Professor Medicinal Chemistry
Craig C. Freeman Associate Scientist Kansas Biological Survey
John Gaunt Dean and Professor Architecture, Design & Planning
Stevin H. Gehrke Professor Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
Rick Ginsberg Dean/Professor School of Education
Douglas Girod Chancellor  
Bernadette Gray-Little Chancellor Psychology
Robert H. Goldstein Distinguished Professor/Chair Geology
 Angela C. Griffin Application Designer Academic Technical Services
 Gary L. Grunewald Professor Medicinal Chemistry
 Robert P. Hanzlik Professor Medicinal Chemistry
 Jill M. Hardesty  Research Assistant Paleontological Institute
 Robert Hemenway Chancellor Emeritus /Professor English
 Peter H. Herlihy Associate Professor Geography
 Raymond L. Higgins Professor Psychology
 Cheryl Holmes Project Manager Social Welfare
 Carol Holstead Associate Professor Journalism
 Robert Honea Director Transportation Research Institute
 Joan Huber Administrative Assistant Chemistry
 Marian K. Hukle Program Coordinator Biological Sciences
 Jill A. Hummels Public Relations Director Engineering Administration
 Mary Lee Hummert Professor Communication Studies
 Susan C. Iversen Medical Staff Professional Student Health Services Admin
 Francis B. Kish Facilities Director Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences
 James W. Kreider Lecturer Social Welfare
 Carl E. Kurt Professor Emeritus Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
 Dennis Lane Distinguished Professor Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
 Danny L. Lattin Adjunct Professor Medicinal Chemistry
 Carl E. Locke, Jr. Professor and Dean Emeritus Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
 Angela Lumpkin Professor Health, Sports, & Exercise Science
 Lawrence R. Mallett Chair/Professor Music & Dance
 Stephen Mazza Dean School of Law
 Jim Mayo Professor Emeritus Urban Planning
 Steven L. McCabe Emeritus Professor Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
 Kirk McClure Professor Architecture, Design & Planning
 Bruce McEnroe Professor Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
 Douglas W. McKay Professor Emeritus Physics & Astronomy
 James R. Miller Associate Professor Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
 Melissa C. Moore Systems Analyst Kansas Geological Survey
 Karen Multon Professor Education
 Joane Nagel Distinguish Professor Sociology
 Jerry Niebaum Retired Staff Information Services/Libraries
 Kathy E. Porsch Grant Development Officer Hall Center for the Humanities
 Floyd W. Preston Professor Emeritus Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
 Thomas Prisinzano Chair/Professor Medicinal Chemistry
 Katherine L. Pryor Director/Budget Officer Theatre
 Michael F. Rafferty Adjunct Professor Medicinal Chemistry
 Marlesa A. Roney Professor Education
 Carole K. Ross Professor Emeritus Fine Arts
 James Rowland Professor Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
 John L. Rury Chairman & Professor Teaching & Leadership
 Neil J. Salkind Professor Psychology/Research in Education
 Wayne Sailor Professor Special Education
 William O. Scott Professor English
 Julia Shaftel Director Program Coordination Education Administration
 James Shortridge Professor Geography
 David Shulenburger /Provost and Professor Emeritus Provost Office/Business
Lilian Six Retired Staff Law
Tom Skrtic Professor Special Education
Reta Solwa Administrative Associate Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
William G. Staples Professor Sociology
Ric Steele Professor/Director Applied Behavioral Science
 Barbara Thompson Associate Professor Special Education
 Delbert L. Unruh Professor Theater & Film
 Robbie L. Vannaman Auditor/Tax Analyst Internal Audit
 Barbara L. Watkins Coordinator Curriculum Projects Continuing Education
 Robert Walzel Professor and Dean School of Music
Jane R. Wegner Director Schiefelbusch Clinic
Ann Weick Dean and Professor Emerita Social Welfare
Steven H. White Associate Professor Teaching & Leadership
Melanie Wilson Associate Professor School of Law
 Sara Wilson Associate Professor  Mechanical Engineering
Lisa Wolf-Wendel Professor/Associate Dean Education Administration
 Bryan Young Associate Professor & Director  Honors Program
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98% of University Honors Program graduates are employed or accepted to graduate school within six months of graduation
40% of students in the University Honors Program conduct research before graduation
9 to 1: Average ratio of KU honors students to faculty advisors
1 of only 7 programs nationwide to receive a top rating from “A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs” in 2014
60% of University Honors Program students study abroad
KU honors students select their advisors from top-ranked KU faculty
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