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Meet Hannah Sitz

While most KU students were off enjoying their summer break, Hannah Sitz, a KU Honors Program junior from Andover, was working at a demanding, full-time, 10-week internship in Kansas City.

The Coro Kansas City Summer Internship in Public Affairs is conducted in conjunction with Park University, and its purpose is to develop community leaders by exposing them to five sectors: business, government, labor, media and non-profit organizations.

Hannah, a strategic communications and psychology major, who had become interested in a career with non-profit organizations after taking an Honors non-profit course taught by Kala Stroup, approached the internship wanting to learn more about her career options. After working with the likes of the Kansas City, Missouri city manager's office, Waddell & Reed, Google Fiber and public relations firm Fleishman Hillard, Sitz says she gained a strong sense of the corporate and government worlds and how they relate and interact.

Hannah credits both Dr. Stroup and Robin Rowland, who taught her Honors critical thinking and advocacy class, with preparing her to apply for and succeed in the Coro internship.

"I like that the Honors classes are smaller and geared toward Honors students who want to get more out of a class. The professors want to cultivate you as a person outside of class," she says.

She says that time spent with her Honors classmates outside of class has contributed to her growth as a person and as a student, as well.

"You meet people right off the bat who are similarly motivated, yet different than you. It can be cool to be smart and do your work," she says.

The hard work during the Coro internship has expanded her perspective, while allowing her to hone in on her career goals.

"I felt very privileged to get a behind-the-scenes look at the city. We met so many people," she says. "I came away with getting to look at all the other options I hadn't been able to intimately explore yet. And, I affirmed that non-profit is what I want to do."

Hannah has previous experience working with non-profit service organizations in Atlanta and Nashville, by participating in KU's Alternative breaks during the past two winter breaks. This year, she is co-director of Alternative Breaks and serves as an Honors Ambassador.

She is considering going to graduate school for a master's degree in public administration, and some day she would like to be the director of a human services non-profit organization.

To help other students gain transformative experiences, go to the Honors Giving webpage.

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